Amrop International

Amrop is a Context Driven Global Executive Search network. We help our clients build their businesses by finding leaders adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.

Our ability to do so is based on three fundamental strengths:

1. Contextual knowledge
Our understanding of context means we have effective insight into local conditions that can affect both clients and candidates. And we know how to get things done on the ground. Based on our extensive know-how and experience within different industry sectors – critical factor for the success of a search – our clients get access to the very latest information on markets, talent availability and candidate expectations.

2. Senior attention
We believe every client deserves the benefit of working with a senior partner every time. Partners with industry knowledge, who have built their own businesses and reputations in their markets. Partners with practical insights into attracting and retaining the very best talent a market has to offer. And because Amrop partners have vested interests in the countries in which they operate – we don’t just pick up and leave when the going gets tough – clients gain the perspective of long experience with local business cycles. For each assignment, Amrop senior partners work closely with clients to make sure they get executive leadership that fits their business, position and company culture.

3. Our global network
Our global networked structure makes it easy for clients and candidates to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This structure was built in order to satisfy the needs of each client, with a fast and efficient response.

We are united by our Context Driven approach to executive search that encompasses shared values, standards, policies and procedures while reflecting the unique realities on the ground in local markets around the world. With broader coverage than most global search firms, our people know their markets because they’ve built their businesses in them.

Wherever you are, you are at the center of our organization.