Leadership Assessment & Executive Development

Organizational analysis, leadership assessment and executive development.

Our leadership assessment services are typically used by Chief Executives and Board Members to gain a broader comprehension of their company's resources. Our approach is designed to complement existing knowledge and executive performance, with an external perspective, through the assessment of top management in relation to market benchmarks and knowledge derived from our long and in-depth experience.
This tool is particularly useful to support actions to be taken prior to or after processes such as mergers and acquisitions, major changes at senior management level or shifts in the industry’s structure. With this assessment, our clients are in a privileged position to understand and plan leadership and succession issues:

  • Allows the organization to gain a broader vision of the potential of its Management Team.
  • Detects areas that need development, aligning the company’s management with its strategy and objectives.
  • There is no single solution. We try to understand our clients and their objectives, and adapt the Leadership Assessment process to their needs.